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1. Residential
Do you want to diagnose and resolve your home maintenance problems? Suhas Facilities Services’ provides housemaids for your home maintenance problems. Villas, independent houses need high maintenance with respect to their interior arena, gardens, plants and exterior surroundings. Maintaining a dust free home takes immense effort and our company strives to alleviate that strife. Pep up the inner and look of your residential units with our facility management company’s assistance.
The internal cleaning of residential premises is our privilege. It is inclusive of upholstery cleaning, washing floors, and removing dust from carpets. If the paint seems to be peeling off the walls of your five year old residence, Suhas can make your walls and fences look gaiety and colourful. Trimming of plants and watering them regularly in the outer area of your residence is extremely important. Your villa ownership won’t be difficult anymore as Suhas Facilities Services is there to maintain it.
The roofs, sidings, doors and the pipes running on the side of your house are all maintained under Suhas Facilities Services facility management. Suhas Facilities Services proffers an all-embracing property and facility maintenance and repair services. Foundation, walls, windows, gates, outer doors, gutters constitute the external part of a residential premise. These are given utter care by Suhas Facilities Services. Our spotlight is on expenditure control and reduction while preserving the long duration physical and economic value of real estate assets.

Feel free to approach Suhas Facilities Services if you feel the premises of your house need a revamp.

2. Apartment
Dwelling in an apartment flat isn’t all. You need to take care of its image; internal and external, to make your home more pronounced. This is where Suhas Enterprise comes into the picture as our housekeeping facility offers all the cleaning and dusting work to make your homes look taintless
Suhas Facilities Services ensures cleaning of swimming pools in apartment complexes, gym, club houses and other recreational premises. Swimming pools in apartments need to be cleaned at least once in six months and Suhas Facilities Services’ chlorine agent leaves your pool smelling fresh.
Responsive maintenance can be capitalized as a tenant retention tool, a key factor when negotiating lease renewals on residential properties. Suhas Facilities Services hires maintenance staffs that are dexterously skilled in their trade and demonstrate gregarious skills

The outlook of an apartment building from the outside must be appealing and Suhas Facilities Services’ facility management ensures that as well. Not only on occasions but even on a mundane basis, the residential buildings of Suhas Facilities Services’ clients are apportioned with an inventive and artful demeanor. A routine maintenance of the building by Suhas Facilities Services facility management can vouch that many possibilities of emergency repairs will be avoided.

Presenting quality, responsive, cost-effective maintenance of a property premise makes sense from an asset preservation stance. Sustentation of the premise of apartments and condominiums are the foundation of Suhas Facilities Services customer service program

According to Suhas Facilities Services, maintenance of apartment premises is necessary to keep a property in a working, liveable condition. It comprises preventive work, emergency and routine repairs.

3. Commercial
Suhas Facilities Services expedite the process of tidying up your premises. Suhas Facilities Services’ commercial clientele include shops, high-rise buildings, data centers, restaurants, airports and hospitals that demand high maintenance. Suhas Facilities Services provides cleaning services for the inner and outer surrounding of malls and commercial establishments. Malls are full of shops and they need constant attentive cleaning which is proffered by Suhas Facilities Services facility management.
Only if a showroom in a mall is tidy and clean, will you have more patrons visiting the stores. The mighty hygiene challenges of malls are taken up by Suhas Facilities Services. Suhas Facilities Services ensures that our personnel take the initiative in maintaining the premises of malls in a taintless manner. Suhas Facilities Services ensures that the sills, ledgings, mouldings, escalator, and escalator grips are cleaned spic and span. Malls must have spot clean panels to enthral visitors.
The escalator grip runners need to be cleaned and sanitised, all the hard and wooden floors are immaculately mopped our facility management. The waste baskets and containers are regularly emptied and left uncluttered by our commercial premise maintenance staff. All the sanitary dispensers and mirrors in the washrooms are cleaned by our diligent personnel. Maintenance costs encompass a large share of the operating budget and can be reduced through all-inclusive planning. Sound guidelines for commercial premise maintenance are a must. Comprehensive planning by Suhas Facilities Services facility management consists of commercial premise maintenance systems which expound relevant tasks, responsibilities and quality standards.

4. Corporate
A corporate entity thrives on sheer maintenance and Suhas Facilities Services yields to that need. Suhas Facilities Services facility management is proficient in the art of cleaning and maintaining corporate environments. The inner premise of any company needs to be clutter free and clean to make it employee friendly to increase productivity. Suhas Facilities Services facility management staff lugs vacuum from room to room in every client company.
The external premise of a company too cannot be overlooked. Business tech parks lure visitors and employees through their exterior premises. The greenery surrounding the companies and the pathway need to be tidy and clean. Suhas Facilities Services facility ensures that the pathway towards the entrance of the company is spick and span.
Suhas Facilities Services proposes competent professional cleaning services with daily onsite cleaning from tiny office buildings to corporate superstructure complexes. Suhas Facilities Services’ janitorial cleaning methods, without exception canvas each area and surface of your business environment.

Proper execution of corporate cleaning vitally contributes towards providing a clean, comfortable, impregnable and safe working locale. Suhas Facilities Services’ business cleaning services are judicious and panoramic whether before, during or after working hours, or over weekends. Suhas Facilities Services makes offices spotlessly clean to give the right and scrupulous impression to visitors, clients and employees.

5. Factory
A place where laborious work is involved needs to be well maintained. Suhas Facilities Services ensures that the inner and outer premises of a factory are clean and attractive. It must not be hazardous and dirty with debris and rubbish all around. Maintenance of not only the machines in interior premises is required but the outer premise needs equal care too, which no one can understand more than Suhas Facilities Services.
Suhas Facilities Services does the dirtiest of all factory cleaning jobs with dignity of labour and as a result aim to achieve productivity of the workers in the factory. Workers tread on the floor, heavy objects maybe dropped on the floor, spillage of chemicals etc. all calls for floor restoration. We offer stripping, scrubbing and re-coating to reconstitute the damaged floors. To counteract these problems Suhas Facilities Services reconstructs concrete floors in factories. We polish and refinish the concrete floors to re-erect them.
Garbage pickup, disposal of chemical waste, segregation and disposal of recyclable and non recyclable wastes is also carried out by Suhas Facilities Services’. Waste management in factories is crucial for the health and safety of the workers. Suhas Facilities Services ensures that all the hazardous waste is disposed. Cinder, sludge, waste acids and oils are disposed judiciously.

Suhas Facilities Services’ facility management provides a cleaning machine for every area outside the factory, be it windows or inaccessible areas in highest part of the factory buildings. Suhas Facilities Services value the all around cleaning facet of a factory.