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1. Security
In a world of crime, mishaps and accidents, the security of a person is at stake. Why fear when Suhas Facilities Services is near? Suhas Facilities Services’ facility management doesn’t confine to providing cleaning and food services to the clients but also caters to their safety needs. Residents want to feel safe in their homes and so do employees in their companies. Suhas Facilities Services’ meticulously selected, well trained, smart and punctual security guards carry out their duties efficiently at the beck our clients’ call. Regular training and constant supervision is paramount to Suhas Facilities Services.
Our security personnel are dedicated and committed to their work. Internal Patrol, Gate or Entrance Controls, Response Functions and receptions are some of the security services offered by us for individual establishments. Suhas Facilities Services’ inimitable security service is conspicuous through the clamour of all sorts for paramount safeness and surveillance. Suhas Facilities Services’security services also encompass consultation and investigation systems in accordance with the exigencies of our clients.
Suhas Facilities Services assures our clients of manned guards to safeguard them and their valuable assets.

2. Office boys
It is the drop of oil in the right spot that makes the machine work without a whine. It is the Unknown Soldier who won you the battle. In every successful organization there is one ‘everyone’s man Friday’ and they are the unsung support staff without whom the manufacturing machinery, the operations machinery, the sales machinery, the service machinery and everything comes to a halt.

It is critical that you have the right support staff.
Support staff from Suhas Facilities Services is the pillar of strength in any organisation or in any residential community. Suhas Facilities Services’ office boys are ever ready to do errands when called for. They are trained to be courteous, efficient, well aware, and value integrity and reliability more than everything else. Too many emergency calls, mails to be attended or work needed at the reception or helpdesk? Suhas Facilities Services eases that workload by providing you with proficient office staff.
Our office assistants increase your productivity and help meet your goals successfully. From serving tea to running errands they contribute to a workplace’s success.

3. Carpentry
It is easier to get a good heart surgeon than to get a good carpenter. It is easier to purchase a new table than to repair that exquisite table you inherited as a family heirloom. Everything is so easy in today’s world. But, when you need a carpenter, you simply need a carpenter and nothing else will do. But where do you get a carpenter?
Talk to us. We at Suhas Facilities Services understand why you need a carpenter, when you need a carpenter who is not only good at carpentry but also can understand you. Carpentry Services at Suhas Facilities Services focuses on minimal errors in its woodwork, precision in workmanship and also understanding aesthetics of the ambient environment.
Suhas Facilities Services vary from single joinery items such as a door hinge to large commercial fit outs like the stairway in malls. We also provide turnkey solutions and deliver fully furnished premises in strict timelines.

Suhas Facilities Services’ woodwork is elitist in style termite resistant. Suhas Facilities Services provide carpentry services ranging from renovations, extension projects for homes, shopping malls and business enterprises. Suhas Facilities Services supervises right from planning to completion in the carpentry. With Suhas Facilities Services, it is not the last word. It is the final word.

4. Plumbing
If finding a good carpenter is not easy, then finding a good plumber is even more difficult. If carpentry can be delayed by a day to a few days, try delaying plumbing. Water leakage, blocked drains, dripping pipes, malfunctioning valves, broken pipes, hairline cracks and disgruntled employees, and there is just one quick solution – Suhas Facilities Services plumbing services.
We at Suhas Facilities Services believe in being proactive and not just reactive to a situation. We undertake services such as drain cleaning, repairing pipes, backflow prevention testing and new fixture installation. We handle your plumbing challenges and take care of the ongoing maintenance of plumbing systems. Do you want to stop the ‘Drip, Drip’ of your tap, flush or faucet? Suhas Facilities Services’ can cease the leakage. We have complete plumbing solutions with installation, repair and replacement.
Efficient Suhas Facilities Services service exists for restaurants, apartments, business units, malls etc. with respect to all sorts of plumbing repairs and instalments. Don’t worry if you have a leaky valve or no boiler installed in your house, Suhas Facilities Services will provide you with the most reliable plumbing service. Suhas Facilities Services’ plumbing facility shares an amazing rapport with customers as we heed to their diverse plumbing needs with prompt measures.

5. Pest control
A pest is best left alone. But not in your premises!
A pest free arena, be it in commercial or residential establishments, is a boon. Do you want a solution to drive away pests? Suhas Facilities Services’ pest control facility can ward off these disturbing creatures from vulnerable areas such as furniture, pantries, washroom, drainage, nook and corners of industries, offices, homes and malls.
No two pests are alike and at Suhas Facilities Services, for a million pests we have a million solutions. We analyse the cause of pest attacks and provide respective solutions. Suhas Facilities Services’ pest control facility uses a full-fledged insecticidal spray complemented with bio-control methods to reduce pollution in obliterating these pests
Mosquitoes, termites, bedbugs, rodents or any other pest that can disturb the harmony in a commercial or residential unit, Suhas Facilities Services’ has a solution for all. Our pest control facilities include fumigation, provision of chemical pesticides, dry chemicals for edible items etc. We go to the root of the problem and ensure that there are no breeding places for any of these pests in the near vicinity.

Suhas Facilities Services’ pest control facility can save your health and wealth from these pests. We take due care that these chemicals are harmless to humans and pets. Knowing that a surrounding is void of pests gives one a peace of mind and giving that peace of mind is what Suhas Facilities Services’ pest control facility is all about.

6. Gardening
Gardening is the purest of human hobbies and nothing is as soothing to the human eye as a green plant with added vibrancy of the multi-coloured flowers. If you want a garden but don’t have the time or energy to walk the full mile, then give the responsibility to Suhas Facilities Services gardening facility management and see your environment change

A garden is the best yellow page entry and Suhas Facilities Services will ensure that.
Greenery in commercial and residential places isn’t confined to growing plants, it also includes maintaining flora for aesthetic beauty. For Suhas Facilities Services gardening facility management, horticulture is not relegated to cultivation; we take immense care in nursing, trimming, repotting your flowers, plants and foliage.
Suhas Facilities Services gardening facility management has solutions to all kinds of gardening. We use the right gardening tools for planting, weeding and pruning. We help you with growing plants irrespective of their purpose; functionality or display. Whether you want a fruit orchard, a long boulevard planting, ornamental plants or a landscaped construction Suhas Facilities Services is the abode of gardening facility management.

Garden design is considered as an art in many corporate and home cultures. Suhas Facilities Services gardening facility management offers landscape architects to create artistic designs for private garden spaces of our clients. Suhas Facilities Services also provides garden watering tools to ease the watering of your plants. Suhas Facilities Services gardening facility management solves your horticultural conundrums.

7. Electricity
The uses of electricity are many and lighting is just one. Think aesthetics, think Suhas Facilities Services. Think uninterrupted power, think Suhas Facilities Services. Think reliability, think Suhas Facilities Services. Think electricity, think Suhas Facilities Services.

Whether you are using an electric rice cooker or using internet to send mail in office electricity is the backbone of any corporate or residential ecosystem. Suhas Facilities Services’ general electrical maintenance ensures smooth electrical supply for all your needs.
Suhas Facilities Services understands the utilitarian value of electricity in residential homes and commercial establishments like hospitals where most life-support equipments run on electricity. Let it be smoke detectors, alarm systems, generators, to small electrical components like switches, emergency lights or just different types of lighting, Suhas Facilities Services caters to this need.
Suhas Facilities Services’ electricians are adept to the changing requirements of domestic, commercial and industrial spaces. We provide wiring, maintenance of air condition systems, upkeep of electrical equipments, checking of switches and circuits etc.

Restoration of electrical power as and when required by our clients is executed effectively. Providing electrical construction services to companies, apartments, and government agencies is our bounden service. Suhas Facilities Services takes it upon itself to conduct electrical safety surveys, to light circuits, to install cables and rewiring.

Suhas Facilities Services’ clients rely on us for generating and harnessing electricity in their lives. And finally, how do you make it all look beautiful? Just ask Suhas Facilities Services.